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David Dunlap Observatory 74-inch Telescope Logbooks

 Volume  Date Range Plates nos. Local electronic copy*  Internet Archive 
1June 1935-April 19361-757Vol 1 (pdf)archive
2April 1936-November 1936758-4678Vol 2 (pdf)archive
3November 1936-August 19371512-2301Vol 3 (pdf)archive
4August 1937-May 19382302-3100Vol 4 (pdf)archive
5May 1938-November 19383101-4042Vol 5 (pdf)archive
6November 1938-July 19394043-4742Vol 6 (pdf)archive
7July 1939-March 19404743-5494Vol 7 (pdf)archive
8March 1940-November 19405495-6326Vol 8 (pdf)archive
9November 1940-September 19416327-7116Vol 9 (pdf)archive
10September 1941-September 19427117-8229Vol 10 (pdf)archive
11September 1942-July 19438230-8970Vol 11 (pdf)archive
12July 1943-April 19448971-9980Vol 12 (pdf)archive
13April 1944-February 19459981-10915Vol 13 (pdf)archive
14February 1945-December 194510916-11731Vol 14 (pdf)archive
15December 1945-September 194611732-12620Vol 15 (pdf)archive
16September 1946-July 194712621-13533Vol 16 (pdf)archive
17July 1947-March 194813534-14323Vol 17 (pdf)archive
18May 1948-October 194814324-15404Vol 18 (pdf)archive
19November 1948-August 194915405-16414Vol 19 (pdf)archive
20August 1949-October 195016416-17815Vol 20 (pdf)archive
21October 1950-March 195217816-18964Vol 21 (pdf)archive
22April 1952-June 195318965-20063Vol 22 (pdf)archive
23June 1953-May 195420064-21265Vol 23 (pdf)archive
24May 1954-May 195521266-22319Vol 24 (pdf)archive
25June 1955-July 195622320-23283Vol 25 (pdf)archive
26July 1956-October 195723284-24116Vol 26 (pdf)archive
27October 1957-March 195924117-24626Vol 27 (pdf)archive
28March 1959-June 196024627-25207Vol 28 (pdf)archive
29June 1960-August 196125208-25746Vol 29 (pdf)archive
30August 1961-June 196225747-26176Vol 30 (pdf)archive
31June 1962-April 196326177-26730Vol 31 (pdf)archive
32April 1963-January 196426731-27357Vol 32 (pdf)archive
33January 1964-October 196427358-27849Vol 33 (pdf)archive
34October 1964-June 196527850-28444Vol 34 (pdf)archive
35June 1965-March 196628445-28934Vol 35 (pdf)archive
36March 1966-September 196628935-29867Vol 36 (pdf)archive
37September 1964-July 196729868-30558Vol 37 (pdf)archive
38July 1967-April 196830558-37083Vol 38 (pdf)archive
39April 1968-February 196931084-31806Vol 39 (pdf)archive
40February 1969-September 196931807-32574Vol 40 (pdf)archive
41September 1969-July 197032575-33383Vol 41 (pdf)archive
42July 1970-May 197133384-34450Vol 42 (pdf)archive
43May 1971-June 197234451-35715Vol 43 (pdf)archive
44January-November 197235716-36769Vol 44 (pdf)archive
45November 1972-October 197336770-37615Vol 45 (pdf)archive
46October 1973-August 197437616-38614Vol 46 (pdf)archive
47August 1974-July 197538615-39610Vol 47 (pdf)archive
48July 1975-May 197639611-40589Vol 48 (pdf)archive
49May 1976-April 197740590-41459Vol 49 (pdf)archive
50August 1964-June 197741460-41671Vol 50 (pdf)archive
51June 1977-April 197841672-42538Vol 51 (pdf)archive
52April 1978-March 197942539-43302Vol 52 (pdf)archive
53March 1979-December 197943303-44200Vol 53 (pdf)archive
54December 1979-November 198044201-45195Vol 54 (pdf)archive
55November 1980-August 198145196-46095Vol 55 (pdf)archive
56August 1981-July 198246096-46957Vol 56 (pdf)archive
57July 1982-July 198346958-47830Vol 57 (pdf)archive
58July 1983-November 198447831-48712Vol 58 (pdf)archive
59November 1984-October 198548713-49463Vol 59 (pdf)archive
60October 1985-February 198749464-49897Vol 60 (pdf)archive
61February 1987-May 198849897-50261Vol 61 (pdf)archive
62May 1988-April 198950262-50540Vol 62 (pdf)archive
63April 1989-October 198950541-50687Vol 63 (pdf)archive
64October 1989-April 19900-206Vol 64 (pdf)archive
65April 1990-September 1990207-491Vol 65 (pdf)archive
66September 1990-March 1991492-832Vol 66 (pdf)archive
67March 1991-June 1991833-2950Vol 67 (pdf)archive
68June 1991-October 19912951-3995Vol 68 (pdf)archive
69October 1991-April 19923998-6221Vol 69 (pdf)archive
70April 1992-July 19926220-8773Vol 70 (pdf)archive
71July 1992-October 19928774-CE5282Vol 71 (pdf)archive
72November 1992-March 199310674-12717Vol 72 (pdf)archive
73March 1993-June 199312718-15028Vol 73 (pdf)archive
74June 1993-November 199315029-16942Vol 74 (pdf)archive
75November 1993-March 199416943-20408Vol 75 (pdf)archive
76March 1994-June 199420409-27813Vol 76 (pdf)archive
77June 1994-September 1994CC22814-CE7813Vol 77 (pdf)archive
78September 1994-November 1994CE7814-CC28343Vol 78 (pdf)archive
79November 1994-February 1995CC28344-30811Vol 79 (pdf)archive
80February 1995-May 199530812-33192Vol 80 (pdf)archive
81May 1995-September 1995CC33193-CE9810Vol 81 (pdf)archive
82September 1995-December 1995CE9811-CC37839Vol 82 (pdf)archive
83December 1995-March 199637840-39498Vol 83 (pdf)archive
84March 1996-August 1996CC39491-CG80682Vol 84 (pdf)archive
85August 1996-February 199741510-43784Vol 85 (pdf)archive
86February 1997-May 199743785-45692Vol 86 (pdf)archive
87May 1997-September 199745693-48488Vol 87 (pdf)archive
88September 1997-December 199748489-50686Vol 88 (pdf)archive
89December 1997-April 199850686-CE15874Vol 89 (pdf)archive
90April 1998-August 1998CE15875-CC56392Vol 90 (pdf)archive
* The PDF (colour) files from the log book scans are stored locally on the Astronomy Library Web server. The local PDF files for Volumes 1-63 have been slightly modified from those found on the Internet Archive site to accommodate Adobe Acrobat facing-page view to view adjacent pages side-by-side correctly. Other file formats are available off the Internet Archive links.

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