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Astronomy Resources

ADS The NASA Astrophysics Data System ADS maintains four bibliographic databases containing more than 4 million records: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Instrumentation, Physics and Geophysics, and Astronomy preprints.

arXiv astro-ph astro-ph@arXiv.org is a fully automated e-print archive for astrophysics preprints, starting from April, 1992.

ARIBIB The online version of Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts.

Astronomy Education Review The Astronomy Education Review is a journal/website that provides a meeting place for all who are engaged in astronomy and space science education.

CADC The Canadian Astronomy Data Centre CADC is operated by the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, National Research Council of Canada to support and enhance the research efforts of Canadian (and international) astronomers.

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CDS The Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center (CDS) is dedicated to the collection and distribution of astronomical data and related information.

IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams-IAU Circulars. The Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT) publishes the IAU Circulars, which report astronomical events.

INSPEC INSPEC is a commercial scientific bibliographic database licensed by University of Toronto Library.

INSPIRE-HEP Search more than 500,000 high-energy physics related articles, including journal papers, preprints, e-prints, technical reports, conference papers and theses.

Level 5 A Knowledgebase for Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology. Level 5 brings together "original" documents and reviews and electronic links to articles of current and lasting interest to cosmologists, particle physicists and extragalactic astronomers

NED The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database is similar to SIMBAD but its scope is extragalactic.

PDS Planetary Data System Archive of digital data from NASA planetary missions, astronomical observations, and laboratory measurements

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SIMBAD The SIMBAD astronomical database provides basic data, cross-identifications and bibliography for astronomical objects outside the solar system.

Web of Science The Web of Science is an electronic index licensed by University of Toronto which encompasses the Citation indexes, in particular, Science Citation Index.

To see more resources relevant to astronomy go to UTL's subject list.

Astronomy Reference Recommendations from DAA, DI and CITA graduate students, postdocs and faculty.

Resource Materials for AST251: Life on Other Worlds

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