List of Globular Clusters in the Milky Way

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N104 (47 Tuc) N288 N362 N1261 Pal 1 AM 1 Eridanus Pal 2
N1851 N1904 (M79) N2298 N2419 Pyxis N2808 E3 Pal 3
N3201 Pal 4 N4147 N4372 Rup 106 N4590 (M68) N4833 N5024 (M53)
N5053 Omega Cen N5272 (M3) N5286 AM 4 N5466 N5634 N5694
IC 4499 N5824 Pal 5 N5897 N5904 (M5) N5927 N5946 N5986
Lynga7 Pal 14 N6093 (M80) N6121 (M4) N6101 N6144 N6139 Ter 3
N6171 (M107) ESO 452 N6205 (M13) N6218 (M12) N6229 N6235 N6254 (M10) N6256
Pal 15 N6266 (M62) N6273 (M19) N6284 N6287 N6293 N6304 N6316
N6325 N6341 (M92) N6333 (M9) N6342 N6356 N6355 N6352 IC1257
Ter 2 N6366 N6362 HP 1 Ter 4 Liller 1 N6380 Ter 1
N6388 Ton 2 N6402 (M14) N6401 N6397 Pal 6 N6426 Djorg1
Ter 5 N6440 N6441 Ter 6 N6453 UKS 1 N6496 Ter 9
Djorg2 N6517 Ter 10 N6522 N6535 N6528 N6539 N6540
N6544 N6541 2MS-GC01 ESO-SC06 N6553 2MS-GC02 N6558 IC 1276 (Pal 7)
Ter 12 N6569 N6584 N6624 N6626 (M28) N6638 N6642 N6637 (M69)
N6652 N6656 (M22) Pal 8 N6681 (M70) N6712 N6715 (M54) N6717 (Pal 9) N6723
N6749 N6752 N6760 Ter 7 N6779 (M56) Pal 10 Arp 2 N6809 (M55)
Ter 8 Pal 11 N6838 (M71) N6864 (M75) N6934 N6981 (M72) N7006 N7078 (M15)
N7089 (M2) N7099 Pal 12 Pal 13 N7492 .