Whom to Contact

Whom to Contact:

The following is a list of persons you can contact about specific items:

* Undergraduate course programs and related business: Yanqin Wu / Lillian Lanca

* Teaching Assistantships: Yanqin Wu / Lillian Lanca

* Office Keys/SwipeCard: Lillian Lanca

* Arrange courier services: Lillian Lanca

* Handle incoming and outgoing mail and faxes: Lillian Lanca

* Room booking for various seminars/meetings: Lillian Lanca

* A/V equipment: Lillian Lanca

* Place service calls to Facilities and Services regarding heat/AC or building problems: Lillian Lanca

* Place service calls for photocopier, fax, and other office equipment: Lillian Lanca

* Paper supplies for photocopier, envelopes, etc. in the mail room: Lillian Lanca

* Mail room supplies: Lillian Lanca

* Issue user codes for photocopy and fax service and assign mail slots: Lillian Lanca

* Maintain all bulletin boards: Lillian Lanca

* Maintain door signs and departmental phone directory: Lillian Lanca

* Set up teleconferencing: Lillian Lanca

* Assist personnel and students on campus with public tour and outreach programs and other special events: Lillian Lanca / Mike Williams

* Handle arrangements for all DAA conferences, workshops and departmental special events: Lillian Lanca / Margaret Meaney / Gautam Patel

* Make travel and hotel arrangements for the DAA Chair, faculty and visitors: Lillian Lanca / Margaret Meaney

* Student Desk Allocation: Margaret Meaney

* Coordination of colloquia: Alice Chow / Margaret Meaney

* Graduate Course Programs, student funding, fellowships and related business: Chris Matzner / Margaret Meaney

* Reinhardt Travel Grant Program: Chris Matzner / Margaret Meaney

* Library: Lee Robbins

* Campus Telescopes / Planetarium: Michael Williams / Ilana MacDonald

* Campus Computers: Hugh Zhao

* Health and Safety: Hugh Zhao / Angela Choi

* Expense reimbursements, payroll, petty cash, purchasing, research grants: Gautam Patel

* Human resources, budget and planning, and oversee all administrative, operational, and financial services: Angela Choi