Use of 3D Printer

This page provides additional information about the Department’s 3D printing facilities.  Please note that printer time must be booked through the Facilities Booking Calendar. Keys to the printer room can be signed out from Hugh Zhao, Rob Figueiredo or Natalie Price-Jones.


Project Log

Also note that the Print Job Information spreadsheet embedded below MUST be fully filled out with each use of the printer. You can edit the spreadsheet through this link.  This is especially important for tracking any difficulties encountered with the printer and for scheduling maintenance.



You must complete a training session to be authorized to use the printer. You can join the waiting list for a training session through this link.



Information about how to use the printer can be found in the document embedded below. Among other useful things, the document contains a checklist of tasks to be completed each time the printer is used as well as a troubleshooting section. This is a living document updated from the records in the Print Job Information spreadsheet.