Ricoh MFP Setup

Installation instructions: RICOH Colour Multi-Fuction Printer

If you have any issues during the installation, please contact: figueiredo@astro.utoronto.ca


Instructions for Windows Users
  1. Download the Universal PS Driver: HERE
  2. Extract it to a known location, such as your Documents
  3. Navigate to Devices and Printers, and click: Add Printer
  4. It will begin showing detected printers on the network, select the printer titled: MP C4503 (RICOH)
    • If it is not detected, skip the automatic search, and select Add printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname
    • In the hostname or IP field enter: aficio45.astro.utoronto.ca or and continue with remaining steps
  5. At the Driver Select window, click “Have Disk
  6. In the next window, Click Browse and navigate to the location you downloaded and extracted the drivers
  7. Traverse into the directories (default C:\temp\z73417L17\64bit\disk1\) and select the RICSETUP64.INF file and click OK
  8. At the next window, select RICOH PS Universal Driver V4.8 and click OK.
  9. Set a name for the printer to identify it as the Ricoh Colour MFP and click OK
  10. Select the Do not share this printer option and click OK
  11. Once the installation is complete right click the new printer and select Printing Preferences…
  12. Click the Detailed Options tab and go to the Job Options menu
  13. Enter your 4 digit usercode in the User Code field
  14. Change the usercode as needed when sending a job to the printer

You may duplicate the printer with different usercodes rather than changing for each print job.

Tested on Windows 8.1.  Steps may vary on other versions of Windows.  If you encounter any difficulties please contact zhao@astro.utoronto.ca or figueiredo@astro.utoronto.ca



Instructions for Mac OSX (10.7 and newer) Users
  1. Download, the driver package from Ricoh: HERE
  2. Extract and install the package using default settings
  3. Navigate to System Preferences > Printers and Scanners
  4. Click the + to add a new printer and click the IP tab at the top of the new window
  5. In the Address field enter: aficio45.astro.utoronto.ca
  6. Enter a name in the Name field to identify the new printer
  7. The “Use” field may take some time but should detect the driver (RICOH MP C4503 PS) automatically
  8. Click OK to finish adding.
  9. Send a print job to the printer from an application like Acrobat, Reader, Word, web browser, etc.
  10. In the Print window, select the printer you have just added from the list
  11. At the bottom section use the drop-down list and select “Job Log” (pictured)
    • Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.36.31 AM
  12. Check the “Enable User Code” box and enter your 4 digit usercode in the field below


Recommended:  Use the Presets field to copy a preset for each user code (personal, department, research).


Instructions for Linux Users
  1.  Download the installation script: HERE
  2. Open a terminal and navigate to the download location
  3. Extract the package by entering:
     tar xvf installricoh.tar
  4. Navigate into the new directory: installricoh
  5. Execute the install script by entering:
    sudo ./installricoh.sh
    • If you do not have sudo access please contact stipe.milisa@dunlap.utoronto.ca  or zhao@astro.utoronto.ca
  6. Follow any instructions the script returns with default options.
  7. Before completion, the installation will wait for user to enter all their 4 digit printer usercodes, separated by spaces
  8. You may have to log out and back into your desktop session before printing.
  9. You can change usercodes per job by going to the RICOH printer Properties > Printer Options
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and in the User Code drop down list your printer codes will be select-able


If you have any issues running this script or it did not run correctly, please contact:  figueiredo@astro.utoronto.ca