Email Alias

Email Aliases


This document illustrates the group aliases on the department mail server. It provides a description of their functionality and underlying logic, but not the exact contents. For the contents, you may contact the department system administrator.

All the following groups should be extended with @astro.utoronto.ca when a message is to be distributed. Alternatively, you can click on the group name and send mail via Netscape mail.

maildis = everybody



gradcoord: the Graduate Coordinator of the department.

compcom: the Computing Committee of the department.

admitcom: the Admission Committee of the department.

recruitcom: the Recruitment Committee of the department.

local-admins: the ad-hoc system administrators group of the department, anyone can join for the benefit of occasional technical communications.

ddotours: ddo public tour guides and speakers maintained by the Outreach Coordinator.



da-staff: all staff members located at St. George, including Chair and Associate Chair.

daa: all grad students plus those faculty, staff and post-docs who reside at St. George.

staff: all staff members of the department, including Chair and Associate Chair.



clta: department CLTA faculty members.

faculty-cita: faculty members of CITA.

faculty-ast: all faculty members of the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics, but excluding CLTA & CITA.

faculty: faculty-cita, faculty-ast and clta



newgrads: first year graduate students.

phd: all Ph.D students, except those in their first year.

gasa: newgrads and phd.

astro_students: DAA grads plus any other UofT students interested in Astronomy.



ast299: undergraduate students attending ast299 course.

ast325: undergraduate students attending ast325 course.

ast425: undergraduate students attending ast425 course.

ungrad: includes the three undergraduate student groups listed above.

summer: summer students, valid only for summer months.



maildis: the general internal distribution list which includes all staff, faculty (including CITA faculty), graduate students, post-doctorates, ast425 students and summer students.

mp: DAA people residing at MP building.

cita: citamail@cita.utoronto.ca

postdocs: post-doctorate fellows of the department.

colloquium: maildis, citalocal@cita, ast325, ast425, ra etc

teatime: including ast325, ast425, citalocal@cita.utoronto.ca, faculty-ast, gasa, postdocs, staff, summer