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Unshrouding the Milky Way with the APOGEE Survey

Many questions of the formation and evolution of galaxies can be tested by observations of the closest galaxy: the Milky Way. We have now entered the era of large stellar surveys of the Milky Way and are starting to map the Galaxy as we have mapped large scale structure in the Universe. One of these surveys is the APOGEE survey, part of SDSS-III. The APOGEE survey observes ~250 stars simultaneously at high-resolution in the near-infrared H-band and plans to observe 100,000 stars by June 2014. I will discuss some early results of the APOGEE survey, including measurements of kinematics and abundances in the highly obscured regions of the Galactic bulge and observations of clusters in the Kepler field.

Cody Hall

Jennifer Johnson (Ohio State)

March 15, 2013
14:00 - 15:00