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Eruptions, disruptions and (repeated) explosions: massive stars at the end of their life: The role of central engines and sustained mass-loss

Stellar explosions are at the intersection of several critical areas of modern Astronomy: as probes of the early Universe, as electromagnetic signposts of gravitational wave and neutrino emitters, as laboratories for extreme physics.  In this talk I present the recent results from my multi-wavelength effort designed to (i) constrain the stellar progenitors and their evolution in the years before the terminal explosion; (ii) shed light on the physical mechanism that enables only a small fraction of stellar explosions to harbor and launch a relativistic jet. By taking advantage from DISCOVERY -provided by observations of the transient sky- and DEEP-INSIGTH -that only a truly multi-wavelength perspective can offer-, I show how this study paves the way to the upcoming era of multi-messenger astronomy.

Cody Hall

Raffaela Margutti (CfA)

May 09, 2014
14:00 - 15:00