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Massive Galaxy Growth since Cosmic Noon

The Hubble Space Telescope and integral-field spectrographs on the ground have offered us an unprecedented view of the internal physics within high-redshift galaxies.  Exploiting the powerful synergy between high-resolution imaging from CANDELS and spectroscopy from 3D-HST and SINS, I will present new insights on resolved stellar populations, bulge growth and quenching since z ~ 2.5.  I will emphasize the importance of using both stellar and gaseous tracers to reconstruct the characteristic life cycle of galaxies, and will outline how the ongoing KMOS^3D and PHIBSS2 surveys together with new facilities will contribute to a comprehensive picture of galaxy growth.

Cody Hall

Stijn Wuyts (MPE)

February 24, 2014
14:00 - 15:00