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How to identify a habitable planet? Thinking inside (and a bit outside) the box

Abstract: Among the thousand of exoplanets detected, several are within the so-called Habitable Zone and some of them are called “the most Earth-like”. But what is the data behind those claims? The talk will discuss several important topics in the search for other habitable worlds. What does the Habitable Zone mean for searching for planets? How can we prioritize planets for time-intense follow-up observations? What are the limitations and opportunities with upcoming telescopes? And how reliable are biosignatures to detect habitability on exoplanets?
Bring any other questions you have along, there are many fascinating aspects of this search not covered in an hour.

Cody Hall

Lisa Kaltenegger (Cornell, Carl Sagan Institute)

April 22, 2016
14:00 - 15:00