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Galaxy Nuclei, Galaxy Outskirts

I will talk about two different aspects of massive galaxy evolution.  First, I will discuss the possible importance of black hole feedback in shaping massive galaxies.  I will focus on our studies of the warm ionized gas in obscured quasars, in which we see tantalizing evidence that radio-quiet luminous quasars can blow galaxy-scale winds. Second, I will discuss the mass assembly of massive galaxies based on high signal to noise spectra beyond the effective radius for eight elliptical galaxies. The stars in the outskirts of these galaxies are enriched in alpha elements but have low metallicity, similar to thick disk stars in our galaxy.  We suggest that these stars were accreted from small galaxies that formed early and had a truncated star formation

Cody Hall

Jenny Greene (Princeton)

May 04, 2012
14:00 - 15:00