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Galaxy Clusters During the Era of Cluster Formation

The redshift regime 1<z<2 corresponds to the epoch during which the first massive galaxy clusters assemble. It is also during this era that the present day star-formation density relation is established, with star formation rates in cluster galaxies decreasing to well below the field level. In this talk I will present results from high-redshift cluster searches with the Spitzer and WISE telescopes, which are helping to open up this redshift window for detailed studies of the cluster galaxy population. I will show that by z=1.5 we are finally witnessing significant galaxy assembly and in situ star formation.  Additionally, I will demonstrate how these programs are pushing the extremes in redshift and mass for detection of galaxy clusters, and discuss potential cosmological implications.

Cody Hall

Anthony Gonzalez (UFL)

February 15, 2013
14:00 - 15:00