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Direct Detection Searches for Low-Mass Dark Matter Particles

The quest to unmask the fundamental nature of dark matter has inspired a vast worldwide program of complementary experiments, including direct-detection, indirect-detection, and collider searches.Direct-detection searches over the past few decades, using technologies such as large liquid noble chambers, have been largely focused on Weakly Interacting Massive Particles in the ~10 GeV – 1 TeVmass range. The absence of any conclusive discovery, along with various theoretical developments and certain astrophysical observations, has recently motivated the direct detection community tobroaden our experimental program to search for dark matter particle candidates in the <10 GeV mass range. Solid state detectors provide many advantages for such searches. This talk will introduce the current and next generation of these detectors, including phonon- and ionization-based semiconductor crystals, cryogenic scintillating calorimeters, Charge-Coupled Devices, and exotic condensed matter systems. It will also summarize the discovery potential of solid-statedetectors for various low-mass dark matter candidates, including dark photons, axion-like particles, and lightly-ionizing particles.

Cody Hall

Miriam Diamond

January 11, 2023
3:00pm - 4:00pm