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Astro Colloquium: Fast flares and furious transients: exploring the deep, high-speed sky

Current sky-survey telescopes’ limited fields of view hinder the rapid detection of rare fast events, including superflares capable of rendering exoplanets uninhabitable, fast stellar dips from Oort-cloud occultations, and electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational waves. I will discuss the impacts of stellar superflares on planet habitability and present results from a network of survey and follow-up telescopes designed to measure these effects on minute timescales. I will further introduce the Argus Array, the first large telescope able to observe the entire sky simultaneously. The 49 GPix, 5m-aperture-class telescope array is designed to build the first million-epoch movie of the sky, at depths exceeding current sky surveys and at cadences thousands of times faster. I will discuss the Array’s science capabilities, how we will analyze its exabyte-scale dataset for interesting events in realtime, the status of our Argus Pathfinder prototype system, and the prospects for the near-future construction of the full Argus Array.

Cody Hall

Nick Law

March 15, 2023
3:00pm - 4:00pm