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Mind the Gap: The far-infrared gap and Canadian milestones on the Far-Infrared astrophysical roadmap

Abstract: Over half of the energy emitted by the Universe appears in the relatively unexplored Far-Infrared (Far-IR) spectral region, which is virtually opaque from the ground and must be observed by space-borne instrumentation. The dominant limiting factor of many current open questions in astrophysics is the limited angular resolution and sensitivity within the “Far-IR gap.” This lecture introduces the Far-IR Universe and provides a built-in-Canada perspective on associated instrumentation, technology, and observatory milestones related to this exciting region of the electromagnetic spectrum towards closing the Far-IR gap.
Brief Bio:
Dr. Locke Spencer is an Associate Professor in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Lethbridge and a former Canada Research Chair (II) in Experimental Astrophysics (July 2013 — June 2023). He has worked on the European Space Agency Herschel and Planck space telescope missions, and specializes in instrumentation and data analysis for current and future Far-Infrared astrophysics.

Cody Hall

Prof. Locke Spencer, University of Lethbridge

October 11, 2023
2:00pm - 3:00pm