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Exoplanet Host Star Age Inferences and Their Impacts on Models of Planet Formation and Evolution

Precise ages for exoplanet host stars have among their many uses the potential to reveal the origin and fate of short-period planets, the effect of host star mass on giant planet formation, the structure and role of atmospheric escape in the evolution of low-mass planets, and the habitability of planets orbiting M dwarfs.  While there are many ways to infer the ages of isolated field stars, those techniques either fail or permit only imprecise model-dependent age inferences for planet host stars.  I’ll describe how Galactic kinematics can provide precise model-independent relative ages for exoplanet hosts and highlight the impacts those relative ages have had on our understanding of tidal evolution in exoplanet systems.  I’ll conclude by outlining the future of exoplanet host star age inferences in the age of Gaia, TESS, and PLATO.


Kevin Schlaufman, Johns Hopkins

February 03, 2021
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm