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Karl Kamper Memorial Lecture – “Science and Technology of the Mid-Infrared ELT Imager and Spectrograph (METIS)”

The Mid-Infrared ELT Imager and Spectrograph (METIS) is one of three first generation, scientific instruments on the European Extremely Large Telescope (ELT).  The ELT with its 39 meter aperture is expected to see first light in 2024. In my talk I will provide a brief introduction to the ELT and its instruments.  The main focus will be on METIS, a high resolution imager and spectrograph for the thermal/mid-infrared wavelength regime.  METIS will be ideally suited to open up new discovery space in many areas, but primarily for the study of exoplanets and proto-planetary disks.  I will discuss the science case for METIS, its technical and programmatic challenges, and present some novel technical solutions.

Cody Hall, AB 107

Bernhard Brandl, Leiden University

November 07, 2018
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm