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Studying planet formation with ALMA: DSHARP and beyond

ALMA observations of circumstellar disks obtained by the “Disk Substractures at High Angular Resolution Project” (DSHARP) have revealed that the dust distribution in several circumstellar disks is characterized by small-scale structures. Dust rings are the most common features, but crescent and spiral arms were also observed. Whereas the origin of these structures is still debated, there are many indications that they might be directly connected to the formation of planetary systems. During my talk, I will provide a quick overview of the main results obtained by DSHARP and discuss more recent studies, both theoretical and observational, that highlight the relation between disk substructures and planet formation.

Please email for permissions to access this colloquium recording.


Andrea Isella, Rice University

December 01, 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm