Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses Offered 2018-2019

i) Preparatory and Elective Courses

To be offered in Fall 2018

To be offered in Winter 2019

ii) Research Courses (for 1st year direct-entry PhD students)

iii) Specialized Courses

AST3100H corresponds to our mini-course series. Mini-courses are occasionally offered throughout the year and are announced via email by the instructor(s). They are taught by our faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting scientists. They are considered the equivalent of one-third of a regular graduate elective course (approximately 8 class hours). It’s a more of an ad hoc system in that you do not formally enroll in the individual mini-courses through ACORN. As such, the individual mini-courses will not appear on your transcript. You may, however, take the mini-courses for credit by completing three.

Additionally, modules completed through SciNet count in fulfillment of mini-courses (these are indicated as “university credit”).

3 minis = 1 graduate elective course (0.5 FCE)
Grade= average of 3 minis
Appears as AST3100 Specialized Lecture Topics on official academic record


Mini-Courses AY2018-19

The following affinity physics courses are approved toward your required grad electives:

**Please note that you may take a total of two physics courses toward fulfillment of your four grad electives.**

It may be possible to substitute a course from a cognate department offered at the equivalent level toward your required electives with approval from the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Chris Matzner.

Graduate students from other departments may take graduate courses offered by Astronomy and Astrophysics as long as they have permission from the course instructor and their home department.

AY2019-20 Courses

In terms of future planning,the intent is to offer the full AST preparatory course (1000 series) each year whenever possible.


Full List of Graduate Courses

Please note that not all courses listed are necessarily offered every year but may be offered in future years.

Preparatory Courses

Research Courses

Elective Courses

Specialized Courses