AST 1500Y Directed Research

Course Description: A research course consisting of a project normally completed in the May-August timeframe. Students should discuss possible projects with a number of potential supervisors and should remember that the intention is that they have experience in at least two distinct areas of research by the time they have completed the Ph.D. degree. The project should lead to a research paper which is presented to a committee consisting of the supervisor, the course coordinator, and another faculty member. Students are expected to distribute a copy of of their research paper to the committee at least a week in advance of their formal presentation. It is expected that the research will be completed in time for the paper to be produced and defended by the end of September of the latest. The grade for the course will be determined both by the quality of the research paper and its defense. While it is not a requirement, it is expected that the quality of the research will be such that it could lead to a published paper.