AST 3100H Lecture Series in Specialized Topics

These are mini-courses equivalent to 1/3 semester. These courses include both one-time-only offerings from visiting scientists and postdoctoral fellows, and more regular offerings from faculty members. Only one set of 3 mini-courses can be credited towards the PhD course requirement. Students are encouraged to enroll for credit, however, they may also chose to audit mini-courses with the permission of the instructor.   Instructors will assign a grade at the completion of each individual mini-course however, a final grade is assigned only after a student has completed 3 mini-courses. In terms of course weight, three mini-courses are equivalent to 0.5 FCE. Students are advised to keep their own records of which courses they took for credit.

Mini-courses offerings are announced via email throughout the fall and winter terms. The course is currently coordinated by Chris Matzner.