Prof. Christine Clement wins the 2014 Arbor Award


Professor emeritus Christine Clement has won the 2014 Arbor Award from the University of Toronto for her loyalty, dedication and generosity which have added immeasurably to the quality of the experience for students, faculty, staff and alumni.   Congratulations, Christine!

Stephen Ro and Dan Taranu Win Jui Lin (Allen) Yen Award for 2013-14


2013 – 2014 Yen Award is given to Stephen Ro for his work on modelling shocks in supernova explosions, and to Dan Taranu for his n-body simulation work to investigate the fundamental plane and other properties of elliptical galaxies arising from mergers of group galaxies….

Ph.D student Kelly Lepo Wins the 2013-14 Fieldus Award


Chair Howard Yee announced on April 7, 2014: The 2013-14 Fieldus Award  goes to Kelly Lepo for her leadership, exemplified by her role as  president for GASA, and outstanding contributions to education and public outreach, which included giving many public talks, participating in the summer…

Peter Martin Wins CASCA 2014 Executive Award for Outstanding Service


Professor Peter Martin Wins CASCA 2014 Executive Award for Outstanding Service which is given in alternate years by CASCA  “to an individual who has made sustained contributions in service that have strengthened the Canadian astronomical community and enhanced its impact regionally, nationally and/or internationally.” Congratulations,…