January 10, 2012 Minutes


HELD ON JANUARY 10, 2012, 11:00A.M. – 12:00P.M., CONFERENCE ROOM AB101-H

Minutes respectfully submitted by Alice Chow, Recording Secretary

ATTENDANCE:  E. Blais, A. Choi, A. Chow, D.-S. Moon, G. Patel, M. Williams, H. Zhao


1.     Approval of Agenda: Approved.


2.     Welcome and Introduction of A. Chow, New Member of DAA/DI HSC: H. Zhao informed members that the committee was officially a joint committee between DAA and DI with immediate effect.  Also, A. Chow replaced L. Lança and took up the secretarial role in the committee.


3.     Approval of Minutes of Meeting December 3, 2010: Approved. As a follow up of Item 7(a), A. Choi would be released for the duty as DI representative with the presence of A. Chow in the HSC.


4.     Report from FAS Joint Health and Safety Committee (South) (M. Williams): M. Williams reported that there were discussions on the Faculty of Arts and Science Joint Health and Safety Committee to take over the legal requirement of the local committee (e.g. meet four times a year).  However, this has not been resolved at the end of the meeting.  Also, the FAS has an inspector that we could request, but the inspector is not trained for technical areas.  M. William would find out if there is a fee if we use the FAS inspector, and what kind of inspection they would provide.  Also, M. William would check if the FAS inspector conducts the inspection, would someone be accompanying or the inspection would only be conducted by the inspector. 


5.     Accident Report (H. Zhao): H. Zhao reported two accidents which happened in October and December 2011.  The first accident happened on Oct 12, 2011.  Someone has left the toaster oven on unattended and a fire has broken out in the Astro Lounge.  Fortunately, Mike Reid noticed the fire and managed to put out the fire with the fire extinguisher.  Through this accident, it was found that there was no smoke alarm in the AB building.  A. Choi reported that the Fire Inspection Office would install the smoke detector at the high risk areas: AB Lounge and Kitchen on first floor.  A. Choi would check with the Fire Inspection Office on the installation progress.  A. Choi also suggested having the smoke detectors installed at the labs on our own expenses. H. Zhao also reported that, with the blessing of the Chair, the department will not provide toast oven in the AB building.

The second accident happened on December 5, 2011 in the High Bay. A student of B. Netterfield left a ratchet on the top of a ladder.  Then, he moved the ladder. The ratchet fell on his head and he required 5 stitches.  H. Zhao questioned whether the HSC should reinforce everyone to put on safety gear when they do this kind of work.  A. Choi suggested discussing with B. Netterfield if some helmets should be bought at High Bay.  D.S. Moon proposed to look at the university/Ontario regulations.  A. Choi suggested H. Zhao checking the websites of the Physics and Chemistry to look for relevant information.


6.     Inspection Plan and Assignment (A. Choi):  The inspection plan would depend on what M. Williams would find out from the FAS HSC (South).  If the FAS inspector could conduct a more detail inspection than we do, the department would request the central inspection even a fee may be charged.  D.S. Moon suggested checking the consequences if the department does not follow the recommendation made by the central inspection. 

M. William pointed out the potential hazard on the balcony on 15th floor, MP building during the public tour.  It is suggested that proper markings should be placed to avoid the public tour participants to go to that area.  D.S. Moon also suggested M. Williams take pictures of the potential hazard to show the HSC for further discussion.


7.     First Aid Kits (A. Chow):  First Aid Kits have been placed at the following areas:

MP Building: MP1212B (Printer Room), MP1306 (Library), 15th floor Library Archive, 16th floor The Dome

AB Building: AB101-J (Mail Room); AB201 (Astro Lounge); AB55 (D.S. Moon’s Lab), AB60 (R. Abraham’s Lab), AB73B (Lab with crane and workshop), AB79 (Planetarium)

H. Zhao will update the information on the DAA website accordingly.


8.     Other Business:

a)     Student Concerns: E. Blais reported that students asked whether the department has the defibrillator.  H. Zhao said Physics has one.  H. Zhao would find out from the Physics HSC and recommend whether the department should buy one. 

b)     Staff with First Aid Trained: Since many colleagues have no idea who are trained for first aid, it was proposed to post the names and contacts in the Astro Lounge and 1st floor corridor.  H. Zhao would check who are first aid trained and H. Zhao would update the info on the Dept HSC Web,  and A. Chow would post the list on the lounge and corridor.

c)      Building Security:  E. Blais reflected that the building doors were not properly closed all the time due to weather. 


9.     Next Meeting:  The next meeting will be held in Summer 2012.  A. Chow will schedule the meeting in June 2012.


10.  Meeting adjourned at 11:55 p.m.