February 6, 2013 Minutes



HELD ON FEBRUARY 6, 2013, 11:00A.M. – 12:00P.M., CONFERENCE ROOM AB101-H

Minutes respectfully submitted by Alice Chow, Recording Secretary

ATTENDANCE: E. Blais, A. Choi, A. Chow, D.S. Moon, G. Patel, S. Wright, M. Williams, H. Zhao

ABSENT: D.S. Moon, with regrets


1.      Approval of Agenda: Approved.


2.      Approval of Minutes of Meeting July 24, 2012: Approved.


3.      Report from Joint Health and Safety Committee (South) (M. Williams): M. Williams reported that he was unable to attend the last meeting because of AST101 and the minutes has not been released yet; therefore there was no update.


4.      Inspection Plan and Assignment (A. Choi): A. Choi reported that an inspection has been done by M. Williams and G. Patel on MP 12th, 15th and 16th floor.  M. Williams and G. Patel reported that there was no major issue and they would submit a report to the committee.

All agreed that inspection should be conducted every 6 months.


5.      Laboratory Safety Program (H. Zhao):  As a follow up action of last meeting regarding student safety requirement, H. Zhao reported that nothing has been mentioned in both Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and UofT documents.  S. Wright said that she found some relevant documents in Chemistry but they do not apply to some of our needs; like how often should we inspect the high crane in Lab 73B.  Also, S. Wright proposed that we should check the eye wash regularly as there are some chemicals inside the lab where eye wash is required.  Moreover, S. Wright questioned who should be the contact person for inspection of newly installed equipment.  H. Zhao said no inspection is required as the installations were managed by the University Facilities and Services who were certified.  Regarding the crane, G. Patel said the crane has been inspected before and D.S. Moon has the basic knowledge of it.  H. Zhaowould follow up with D.S. Moon .

H. Zhao suggested asking supervisors to print a copy of the Laboratory Safety Program in all the labs and post the emergency phone numbers on the doors.

E. Blais asked whether students should be forced to wear safety gears.  According to the guideline in Physics, H. Zhao said we could only recommend but not force students to do so.  H. Zhao would follow up with the UofT Health and Safety Office regarding the safety gear enforcement to students.

H. Zhao concerned about the safety with regards to public tour.  M. Williams reported that the balcony tiles in MP were uneven and the lighting was not very good there; there might be potential tripping hazard.  H. Zhao asked M. Williams to put a sign there for warning purpose.

M. William reported that he has already bought a pair of safety shoes.


6.      Training and Certification (H. Zhao): H. Zhao reported that the next first aid training will be held on May 8; he would forward the email to S. Wright and M. Williams.  Also, M. Williams has volunteered to attend the health and safety training.  H. Zhao would send information to M. William. 


7.      Other Business: E. Blais informed the committee that this was his last meeting as he would be leaving UofT soon.  H. Zhao thanked E. Blais for his services over the past years.  


8.      Next Meeting:  The next meeting will be held in July 2013.


9.      Meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.