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John Percy wins the 2013 AAS Education Prize

25 Jan 2013

Professor Emeritus John Percy wins the 2013 AAS Education Prize.

In the congratulating notes by Chair Howard Yee, he cited the quotes from the AAS announcement for the award:

The 2013 Education Prize goes to John R. Percy (University of Toronto) for more than 40 years of tireless advocacy for K-12 astronomy education in Canada and worldwide, during which he has trained and mentored many people who themselves have made major contributions to astronomy, astronomy education, and amateur astronomy. John Percy is further recognized for leading and promoting effective partnerships with amateur astronomers and informal educators, for his public outreach efforts and leadership through numerous scientific societies, for his role in programs that use astronomy to inspire youth throughout Canada and in underserved communities worldwide, and for inspiring the international Galileo Project combining astronomy, music, and visual arts.

Congratulations, John!