Job Opportunities

Job Opportunity: AST201 – Sessional Lecturer


Posting Date:  February 6, 2015 Course Number and Title: AST201H1 S Stars and Galaxies   Course description: This course will explain how astronomers develop methods for determining the properties of remote stars and galaxies, including their life histories. We will study the Big Bang theory…

Job Opportunity: AST101 – Sessional Lecturer


Posting Date: February 6, 2015 Course Number and Title: AST101H1 F The Sun and its Neighbours   Course description: The course centres on our place in the Universe. It discusses phenomena we see in the sky and what we know about the Sun, the planets…

Job Opportunity: Summer Undergraduate Research Program


Application deadline: 30 January, 2015 Reference letter deadline: 30 January, 2015 Official offer date: February 6, 2015      The annual Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) in astronomy & astrophysics at the University of Toronto is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students in astronomy, physics…

Job Opportunity: Spring 2015 Job Opportunities


Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics                                    Posted on:  October 20, 2014   Spring  Session (January 1, — April 30, 2015)                                 Applications due:  November 17, 2014     NOTES: 1. Department Standards and Policies are available in the Department office and in the CUPE,…