Labs, Telescopes, High Bay, Clean Room

Research Facilities

We have an active experimental programme using telescopes on long-duration stratospheric balloons telescopes for cosmological and Galactic research. We are engaged with the Herschel Space Observatory and Planck, launched in 2009 and with SCUBA2 at JCMT.  The department was involved in proposing and building the MOST micro-satellite and BRITE nano-satellite projects.

We also use the major optical, radio, and satellite observing facilities of the world. Of particular importance are the national facilities: the Canada-France-Hawaii 3.6m optical telescope, the James Clerk Maxwell submm telescope, the Gemini twin 8m telescopes, and the Atacama Large Millimeter Array, all located at the world’s finest observing sites. Furthermore, Canada is a partner in the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope, and the Thirty-Metre-Telescope. An endowment fund supports student travel for observations and conferences.