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Allen Yen Award 2016: Winners Announced

15 Jan 2016

Department Chair Ray Carlberg announced on January 15, 2016:

Every year DAA gives the Allen Yen award to one or more students who have undertaken particularly notable research. Allen Yen was a distinguished University Professor in Electrical Engineering who played a major role in the development of Canadian and international radio astronomy, for which he awarded the Rumford Medal.

This year the award goes to Lisa Esteves and Max Millar-Blanchaer. Both work in the area of
extra-solar planets.

Lisa has written highly regarded papers measuring brightness variations of extrasolar planets, at the time doubling the sample.  She went on to interpret the data to make measurements of atmospheric properties.

Max helped build the Gemini Planet Imager and was one the early users, providing some of the first direct images of a planet and dust disks orbiting other stars.

Please join me in congratulating Lisa and Max.