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AY2018-2019 Tuition + Fees

Tuition Incidental Fees UHIP
Domestic $6,900 $1,589.52 N/A
International $6,900 $1,589.52 $624

For international students in the funded cohort, the department funds the differential in the domestic and international tuition rate and supports University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) fees.

All tuition-paying students are charged compulsory non-academic incidental fees. These include fees for Hart House, student societies, and the GSU supplemental health and dental plans. Students who have comparable supplemental health (not OHIP or UHIP) and/or dental may opt-out.

Defer Tuition + Fees

Tuition and fees for the academic year are posted to Student Accounts by mid-July. In order to activate registration status for the year, either the tuition and fees need to be deferred or a minimum payment made. Students within the funded cohort are automatically eligible to defer tuition and fees through ACORN. The deferral process allows the postponement of payment until April 30, 2019 (without penalty). Students outside the funded cohort should consult with the graduate administrator to determine deferral eligibility.

In order to defer tuition and fees through ACORN, select Finances > Tuition Fees Deferral > OSAP/Govt/Grad Deferral. The update from “Invited” to “Registered” status should be reflected under the Academics tab.

The deferral will be in effect until April 30, 2019. Monthly service charges at a rate of 1.5% compounded monthly (19.56% per annum) will be applied against the outstanding student account balance beginning as of May 15, 2019 and as of the 15th of every month thereafter until the account is paid in full. Future registration will be blocked until the balance is cleared.

Please note that while the deferral is technically until April 30, 2019, outstanding tuition and fees will be deducted from payments that are disbursed through the ACORN* payroll system starting in January 2019. This is an automatic mechanism in which ACORN payments are applied to the student account balance, the remainder is issued as stipend. The January payments are higher to offset the portion allocated to tuition and fees. HRIS* payroll, however, is always issued as directly as income payments.

*ACORN disburses most departmental and university fellowships and federal and provincial awards: e.g. Connaught, NSERC, OGS, OTS, and QEII-GSST.
*HRIS disburses TA salary, supervisor stipend funds, and Graduate Expansion funds.

Final Year Tuition + Fees

In your final year, tuition and fees will be posted for the full year but will be adjusted to a prorated amount after submission of your final thesis to the Digital Electronic Repository. If you submit your final thesis by September 15th, you will not owe any tuition and fees for that academic year. After that your tuition will be prorated (per 12 months) based on your date of final thesis submission . If you submit by the 15th of the month, tuition is not charged for that month forward. Incidental fees, however, are charged by the session (fall and winter) and not prorated on a monthly basis.