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The CNOC2 Field Galaxy Survey
The CNOC2 Field Survey targeted 4 widely separated patches on the sky, away from very bright stars and known rich low-z galaxy clusters, totaling 1.5 square degrees in size. Observations were made using the CFHT Multi-Object-Spectrograph (MOS) from February 1995 to May 1998. UBgRI images to 5-sigma limits 23.0/24.5/24.1/23.9/22.8 and spectroscopy to R=21.5 were obtained. A total of ~6200 field galaxy redshifts to z = 0.7 were measured, about ~50% of all galaxies with R<21.5. The raw data are now available publicly and can be accessed via the CFHT Archive at the Canadian Astronomical Data Center (CADC).

Synopsis of Results

Results from the CNOC2 survey are beginning to appear in print, and more are in preparation.

CNOC2 Papers

CNOC2 Data & Catalogs

  The CNOC2 survey consists of 4 patches, each laid out in the rough L shape shown above. Each patch consists of 17-19 overlapping fields, each field being the size of a single MOS pointing. Spectroscopy was obtained using two masks per field (an A mask emphasizing bright objects and a B mask emphasizing faint objects), with two exposures per mask. The following table summarizes the main properties of the 4 patches.

Patch RA1950 DEC1950 # of Fields # of Redshifts E(B-V) b Area # of Masks
0223+00 02:23:29.95 +00:05:12.9 19 1540 0.036 -54.3 1408.7 39
0920+37 09:20:40.97 +37:18:03.9 19 1473 0.012 +45.6 1366.9 40
1447+09 14:47:11.83 +09:20:43.3 17 1356 0.029 +57.2 1240.0 34
2148-05 21:48:42.26 -05:47:36.4 19 1715 0.035 -41.6 1417.9 39

Notes to Table. Coordinates are the 1950.0 centers of the a0 fields. Number of redshift values are taken from the V1.5 catalogs, which are not the final versions. b values are Galactic latitudes. Area is in square arc minutes.

Data and catalogs will be made available several ways. Currently the full catalog is only available for the 0223 patch.

Miscellaneous Resources

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