The links below show the CNOC2 patches on top of the new Schlegel et al. E(B-V) maps in a Lambert galactic projection. The display scale is linear and runs from black, E(B-V)=0 to white, E(B-V)=0.1. The link below is a postscript file of the QE comparison between the LORAL3 CCD and the STIS2 CCD, assuming gains of 2.3 and 4.56 e-/DN respectively. The STIS2 curve is the higher one. The y axis is the percentage QE for photons hitting the primary compared to electrons detected by the CCD, i.e. it includes all losses: slit losses, grism, filter, optics, CCD ... These links allow downloading of the coordinates and finding charts for the fields observed for the CNOC2 CFHT Project.