The History and Nature of Astronomical Discovery - AST 210 H1

Textbook: In Quest of the Universe, 7th edition, by Theo Koupelis (Jones and Bartlett 2013) [6th & 5th editions fine too, just take care to verify that section and page numbers make sense]

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NB: 7th Edition page numbers will be inserted as we go

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The course will cover the following topics, with an overall theme of how we learned to measure the size and motions of the Universe (lecture notes will be put on Blackboard):

  1. The Development of Astronomy and the Scientific Method
    • The View of the Heavens from Earth
      Textbook: Chapter 1
    • From the Greeks to Copernicus and Kepler: Earth to Sun Centred
      Textbook: Chapter 2
    • From Kepler to Newton and Einstein: Gravity and Modern Astronomy
      Textbook: Chapters 3 and 6.1-6.2
  2. The Advent of Astrophysics
    • Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum: Waves and Spectra
      Textbook: Chapter 4
    • Learning how the Sun Works
      Textbook: Chapter 11, sections 1 to 3, 5 and 6.
    • From the Sun to the Stars: Measuring stellar Properties
      Textbook: Chapter 12, all
  3. From the Stars to the Beginning: Measuring the Universe and its History
    • The Births, Lives and Deaths of Stars: Brief Overview
      Textbook: Selected portions of Chapters 13-15
    • Our Own Island Universe: Measuring the galaxy
      Textbook: Chapter 16, sections 1-3.
    • Island Universes: Measuring Galaxies and the Advent of Unseen Matter
      Textbook: Chapter 17 (all)
    • The Whole Shebang: Cosmology, the Nature of the Universe
      Textbook: Chapter 18 (all)

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