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Resource Materials for AST199 Fall 2019 Seminar - Distance Scale of the Universe

Distance ladder

Online Course Textbooks

- from OpenStax Astronomy, Rice University
Teach Astronomy
- from Chris Impey

Resources through University of Toronto Libraries

The University of Toronto Library Portal provides access to the full UofT catalogue. Use the search box to find books, articles, and online journals, on topics such as distance ladder.

- A Dictionary of Astronomy

The following websites and links may have useful information:

International Astronomical Union: Measuring the Universe
- The IAU and astronomical units
The ABC's of Distances
- from Prof. Ned Wright at UCLA
The Cosmic Distance Ladder
- American Association of Variable Star Observers
To Scale: The Solar System (2015)
- from YouTube
Astronomy Websites to Love
- from Courtney Dressing

General Educational Material

Critical Thinking
- A guide from Jennifer Duncan at The Writing Centre, University of Toronto at Scarborough.
Peer Review
- from University of Toronto Libraries.
Evaluating Webpages
- from Cornell University.
MLA Citation Style
- A resource for using MLA style from Concordia University.
Student Academic Integrity
- Information for students from the UofT Faculty of Arts and Sciences about how to act with academic integrity, the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, and the processes by which allegations of academic misconduct are resolved.
Citing Sources & Avoiding Plagiarism
- A guide from the University of Toronto Library including links to many helpful online tutorials, style guides, and related documents to help you understand citation practice, build correct citations, and work more effectively with sources.
The Transition from High School to University Writing
- from Writing at the University of Toronto.
The craft of scientific presentations : critical steps to succeed and critical errors to avoid
- Michael Alley
Distance ladder image from Christine Guy Schnittka, Edward Murphy and Randy Bell, University of Virginia,

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