Catalogue of Variable Stars in Galactic Globular Clusters

(maintained by Christine Clement)

This catalogue was summarized in the paper Variable Stars in Galactic Globular Clusters by Clement et al. (2001, Astronomical Journal, Volume 122, pages 2587-2599).
I am continuing my work on updating the catalogue.

Access to the Catalogue

The individual cluster files

Format of the Catalogue

The catalogue is set up as a group of individual files, one for each cluster. The file names are based on the "IAU" system that was adopted by R. F. Webbink in his review paper (1985, IAU Symp. 113, 541): CHHMM+/-DDd where C designates "cluster", HHMM refers to hours and minutes of RA, +/-DD refers to degrees of declination, and d is truncated tenths of degrees of declination for equinox 1950. For globular clusters that were more recently discovered, the file names are based on the J2000 coordinates: CJHHMM+/-DDd.
At the beginning of each file is a header containing the cluster name, with multiple designations indicated, as well as the right ascension and declination (epoch J2000) listed by W. E. Harris (2010, arXiv:1012.3224) in his Catalog of Milky Way Globular Clusters.
The Harris Catalogue
I also indicate the date when the file was updated.
This information is followed by a table that lists the known variables in the cluster. For each variable, I list the ID number, the position, the period, the mean magnitude and amplitude, and the type of variable.
Many of the positions are from a catalogue of equatorial coordinates for variable stars in globular clusters published by Samus and his collaborators. Their catalogue also includes cross-identifications for globular cluster variables listed in the GCVS.
At the end of each table is a list of the original references from which all of the table entries were obtained.
In addition, there is a section "Discovery of the Variable Stars" where I cite the discovery paper for each variable and indicate how the author identified the variable in his or her "discovery paper". If there is confusion about the identification of a particular variable, the original papers should be considered the primary source for acquiring information.
For the classification of the variable type, I have used (in most cases) the scheme proposed by N. N. Samus at the IAU XXVIth General Assembly, Prague 2006: The draft classification (version August 9, 2006) for the new GCVS versions.
Throughout the last few decades, a number of pulsars (PSR) have been discovered in Galactic globular clusters. Paulo Freire maintains an up-to-date list of pulsars in globular clusters on his website.

History of the Catalogue

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