CNN, Univision & RCN Colombia
To learn about my work (in spanish) you can see the following snippet of the interview by Michelle Oberg aired on Despierta America from the Univision Channel and RCN Caracol Colombia (in August 2011).

In September 5 of 2011 I also gave a short live interview for the show Encuentro from CNN Spanish.

TEDx PuraVida
I am grateful for the opportunity I had in February 2011 to give a talk at the event TEDx PuraVida in Costa Rica. The audience's energy was fantastic, and I got to meet some fascinating TEDsters.
If you want to see the talk (in spanish), follow this link .

Discovery Channel
Also in February of 2011, I got to be part of the team of scientists that were the backbone to the episodes of the Discovery Channel series 'Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freedman'. The show was called 'What do Aliens look like' and was aired on August 3rd. I discussed work on the physical properties of super-Earths, and got to speculate a bit. I have to say it somewhere: the film crew was fantastic.
For a little snippet you can click here.

Scientific American
In August of 2010, the article that Dimitar Sasselov (my former adviser) and I wrote for Scientific American was published. It is titled Planets we could call Home


Updated October 2011