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This list brings together the Web sites that are used at the DDO to predict weather changes.

  • NASA viewer of the IR images from GOES-8. This is our most frequently used site. However, it stops working after midnight for a few hours, probably because the satellite goes into the Earth shadow (during this time use images from GOES-10). Turn off the colour enhancement to see thin clouds.
  • GOES-8 and GOES-10 images are displayed rectified in this UNISYS site. The service is convenient in that GOES-10 images are automatically shown during the after-midnight break in the GOES-8 service.
  • Real-time weather service is reliable source showing the same data as the two sites above, but in a different format. Select the IR data during the night as the visual channel is then obvioulsy totally black.
  • Intellicast gives mostly the location of rain and storms as seen by the US radar. This site is now very commercial but may be of use.
  • Weather models from the Canadian Meteorological Centre, updated every 3 hours and accessible via a nice interface specifically tailored for observations at DDO.
  • Weather models from the German Weather Office. Reputed to be very reliable. It helps to know the German language. Go to Top Karten and then select a model (e.g. GFS) then the geographic are (e.g. N-Amerika). The menu at the upper part of the page gives various data.
  • RAMSDIS gives access to many different weather maps.
  • The Environment of Canada Weather Office - various "products" of mixed usefullness.
  • The Weather Network, the same as on the Canadian TV Weather Channel.
  • The 300 mb jet stream over North America. Cirrus clouds usually form along the jet stream.

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