Variable Stars
High School

A Useful Website for Astronomy in High School

If teachers want to incorporate astronomy into their lessons, it is important for them to also have good resources. One possible site is the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). Check out SkyServer, a database for the observations they’ve performed, and although it doesn’t seem as though there are enough measurements per star for detailed variable star study, other options do exist. Here is a brief list of the features the site offers.

Getting Started
An introduction to the SkyServer website.

Explore Tool
Contains data about different objects, including magnitude, red shift (in some cases), and spectra.

Navigation Tool
Allow you to move around the sky imaged by the SDSS and find pictures and basic data (magnitude, location, type of object).

Teacher Guides
Contains links and descriptions of free basic and advanced projects teachers may do with students.

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