Variable Stars
High School

     The users manual for the self-correlation program Astrolab can be downloaded here. Also, you may download a sample set of data so that you can test the program.

     If you have any further questions you can contact John Percy at the University of Toronto.

Further Reading

Another site that has a lot of information about specific variable stars is The Astronomer magazine.

To search through published papers by subject or by author, the Harvard abstract service is very useful, although a membership is necessary to view some papers.

Here are a few examples of papers done using the techniques shown on this page. These were written by John Percy with help from his students who range from undergraduates to high school students participating in a mentorship program:

Autocorrelation Analysis of Hipparcos Photometry of Short-Period Be Stars

Long-Term VRI Photometry of Small-Amplitude Red Variables

Pulsation Modes in Small-Amplitude Red Variable Stars

Sources of Data courtesy of Akos Bakos here.
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