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The files in this database contain photoelectric photometry of the star R CrB on more than a thousand nights spanning thirty or more years. Much of it has already been published, and each file is identified and headed by the appropriate journal reference. The file name indicates the date of publication, and generally the data contained in it will be for the (one or more) preceding year(s). Thus 'pasp-91' contains data obtained in 1990 and published in the PASP in 1991. The later data have not been published elsewhere, and have file names such as 'unpub94', the data for which was obtained in 1994.

The earlier data are very sporadic and were all obtained at the David Dunlap Observatory in the Johnson UBV(RI) system. Starting in 1985, however, R CrB was placed on the program of the Automatic Photoelectric Telescope Service in Phoenix, Arizona, and a much greater density of data has been obtained since then. A small amount of data has continued to be obtained at the DDO, usually in July and August when the APT is out of service, and some of this has been in the Stromgren or UBV(RI)c systems.

The star remains on the APT program and future data will be posted to this site as they are received. There will be no year-to-year journal publication until a summary paper is prepared near the turn of the century. Meanwhile, acknowledgement in print of the use of these data would be appreciated.

Please send comments or queries to fernie@astro.utoronto.ca

J.D. Fernie
April 18, 1996

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