Yanqin Wu         武延庆


I am a professor of theoretical astrophysics in the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at the University of Toronto. My current research interests centre on planets in our Solar system and beyond. I study their internal structure, their dynamics, and their formation site -- the proto-planetary discs. Over the past few years, I have been staring at the planets discovered by the Kepler Space mission, looking for clues to their formation and evolution. And now ALMA is opening our eyes to the birth place of planets, where mysteries abound.

Contact Me:
phone: +1(416)9465633 (office); fax: +1(416)9467287;
email: wu_at_astro.utoronto.ca ('at' substituted by @)


Academic Year 2021

fall/winter -- intro to Research (AST424/425)

winter -- introduction to astrophysics (AST320)

previous courses:

. 1st year: year-long inter-disciplinary course‘Energy, from Fire to Future

. 1st year: Astronomy @ the Frontiers (SCI199Y)

. 1st year: Origin and Evolution of the Universe (AST121)

. 2nd year: Stars and Solar system (AST221)

. 3rd year: Introduction to Astrophysics (AST320)

. 4th year: Introduction to Research (AST424/425)

. graduate course: Radiative Processes (AST1440)

. graduate course: Stellar structure and Evolution (AST1410)

. graduate course: Galactic Dynamics (AST1420)

. graduate course: Introduction to Research (AST1501Y)

. graduate mini-course: planetary dynamics (AST3100)