Potential Transit Streams

The two times are the times of first and second contact at that location in EDT.

Toronto (18:03:59, 18:21:29)

University of Toronto (http://www.justin.tv/utorontotelescopes)

Norway (18:04:11, 18:21:48)

AstroViten (http://astro.viten.no/english.htm)

Calgary (18:05:26, 18:22:52)

RAO White Light (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sunstreaming)

RAO H alpha (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/rainbows-butterflies)

Mtn Lemmon Arizona

Mt. Lemmon Sky Center

Hawaii (18:10:09, 18:27:40)

The Exploratorium, Mauna Loa Observatory (http://www.exploratorium.edu/venus/)

Keck (http://keckobservatory.org/news/venus_transit_live_keck_observatory)

Australia (18:16:09, 18:34:05)

Several Locations around Australia (http://www.transitofvenus.com.au/HOME.html)

Lord Howe Island, Eastern coast of Australia. This is a group that are sailing the HMB Endeavour, which is a recreation of the HMS Edeavour the ship that James Cook sailed to Tahiti to observer the transit in 1769.


A photostream from the ISS (http://www.flickr.com/photos/nasa_jsc_photo/7164346718/in/photostream) See the explination here


Sky watchers Association of North Bengal

Locations all around the World

National Solar Observatory Integrated Synoptic Program (http://venustransit.nso.edu/live.html) There are many images (that update every minute or so) in both whith light and H alpha from locations around the world (Mauna Loa Hawaii, Big Bear Solar Observatory CA, Kitt Peak Az, Udaipur Solar Observatory India, Learmonth Solar Observatory Australia).

NASA Sun-Earth Day

Slooh SpaceCamera

Universe Today