Tables of amplitudes for contact binaries

The tables given here relate to the paper 2001, AJ, 122, 1007.

Tables with amplitude distributions sampled at fine intervals delq=0.01, dela=0.01.

The tables correspond to Table 1 in the paper which was computed for one value of f=0.25 with large sampling intervals (delq=0.10, dela=0.05). The tables here are sampled at very small intervals, delq=0.01, dela=0.01, and take too much space for printing.

The names of files signify the respective values of the degree of contact f: f=0.00, f=0.25, f=0.50, and "F" in the name is for the "fine" spacing:

The distributions A_q are tabulated in 100 columns formatted (f8.5) for the mass-ratio decreasing from q=1.0 to 0.01 in steps of 0.01. The 101 rows correspond to the amplitude bins (a for the middle of bin). The upper and left edges of the tables give the respective values of q and a.

Tables with amplitude distributions sampled at delq=0.10, dela=0.05

These tables are identical to Table 1 in the paper, but for F=0.0 and F=0.5. Here are given all three:

Rucinski, May 2001