Tables for W UMa-type systems in OGLE fields BWC - BW8

Paper I:
Rucinski, S. M., Eclipsing Binaries in the OGLE Catalog.I. W UMa-type Systems as Distance and Population Tracers in the Baade's Window (AJ, 113, 407 (Jan 1997)).

Paper II:
Rucinski, S. M., Eclipsing Binaries in the OGLE Catalog.II. Light Curves of the W UMa-type Systems in Baade's Window (AJ, 113, 1112 (Mar 1997).

Paper III:
Rucinski, S. M., Eclipsing Binaries in the OGLE Variable Star Catalog.III. Long-Period Contact Systems. (AJ, 115, 1135 (Mar 1998))

The tables are pre-formatted (ASCII)

There are 4 tables related to Papers I and II:
Fourier coefficients for 933 eclipsing systems
Auxiliary data for 933 eclipsing systems
Reddening, absorption, distance for R-sample (388 WUMa systems)
Reddening, absorption, distance for O-sample (604 WUMa systems)

In addition this table lists the observed data for all 933 eclipsing systems (partly repeated "Auxiliary data" above), together with the interpolated extinction A_V and reddening E(V-I).

Tables for the paper comparing the BW and old open cluster samples , submitted to AJ in June 1998.

The volume-limited 3 kpc sample of 98 contact binaries. The ASCII table is identical to that in the paper (Table 1), listing the directly observed data as well as E(V-I), M_V and (B-V)_0.

Combined data for W UMa-type systems in 11 old open clusters, in an ASCII table (Table 3).