The Sun in Your Classroom

Here are some lessons and activities that can be used to teach the sun in your classroom. They were designed for the revised Grade Nine Science Curriculum for the Province of Ontario, but they can be used at other levels, and in other jurisdictions.

They were created by Fabiano Micoli, as an Internship Project for his Bachelor of Education program at the Ontario Institute for Studies ion Education at the University of Toronto.

They consist of seven parts:

  1. Powerpoint presentation about the sun.
  2. Powerpoint sun images for use in the activities.
  3. Powerpoint slides to illustrate latitude and longitude.
  4. Complete lesson plan for the lessons and activities.
  5. A student work booklet for the activities.
  6. A teacher work booklet to accompany the above.
  7. A helpful article on group work skills.

If you have comments, please contact us: Fabiano Micoli ( or John Percy (