Howard K.C. Yee
Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics

University of Toronto

                                                                                                                          (last update: Feb 2007)
                                                                                                                              Canada Research Chair in Observational Cosmology

             CNOC                                                              RCS2                                                         RCS1

           (1)  CNOC1 Cluster Galaxy Redshift Survey  (completed 1996)
           (2)  CNOC2 Field Galaxy Redshift Survey  (completed 1999)
                                             (click here for the CNOC home page )

          (3)  The Red-sequence Cluster Survey  (RCS2 home page) 
                          - RCS1: a 100 sq deg R-z' band imaging survey using mosaic CCD imagers at CFHT
                                       CTIO, designed to optimally detect galaxy clusters at 0.5<z<1.2 using the
                                       cluster red-sequence method. 
                                                 (Observation completed 2001; first catalog: astro-ph/0411155 (ApJS, 157,1)

                         -  RCS2: a 1000 sq deg z',r,g band imaging survey using the 1 sq deg MegaCam imager
                                        at CFHT, with the goal of deriving the mass function of galaxy clusters up to
                                         z~1 to measure the equation of state parameter w for dark engery.
                                        Expected completion of data collection: 2007.

         (4) The EXPLORE (EXtra-solar PLanet Occultation REsearch) Project
                      - a series of transiting extra-solar planet search using 4m class
                           telescopes with wide-field mosaic CCD imager and 8m class
                           telescope radial velocity search; see astro-ph/0203218 (ApJ, 582, 112)

Muztagh Ata,  Chinese Pamirs (Xinjing Prov., China)  7546m (24750ft)