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Theses 1930-1996

UofT Astronomy Theses List

The following is a list of UofT theses in our collection (as having been supervised by someone in our department). Other departments do produce theses on astro topics.

Aikman, G. C./ Microwave observations of IC 1795 and other HII regions, 1968.

Arellano-Ferro, Armando/ On the interstellar band (lambda) 4430, 1978.

Arellano-Ferro, Armando, 1953-/ Study of the pulsation properties of small-amplitude yellow supergiants, 1983.

Armstrong, W. S./ A laboratory method of testing a tube sensitometer, 1932.

Bakos, Gustav A., 1918-/ Spectroscopic and photometric investigation of EE Pegasi, 1954.

Bakos, Gustav A., 1918-/ Photometric and spectrographic investigation of visual binaries., 1959.

Barceloux, Dominique/ One-dimensional fourier transform classification of galaxies, 1980.

Barnes, T. G. III/ A search for optical variability in Seyfert galaxies, 1968.

Barnes, Thomas G./ Near infrared photometry of long period variable stars, 1970.

Bednarek, Theodore Andrew/ The radiative recombination of carbon in planetary nebulae, 1969.

Bednarek, Theodore Andrew/ A theoretical analysis of the observations of Population II Cepheids, 1975.

Bietenholz, Michael F./ A radio study of the Crab Nebula, 1990.

Bietenholz, Michael F./ An investigation of the polarization properties of extra-galactic radio sources of different morphologies, and their relation to claimed large scale anisotropies in the universe, 1984.

Bignell, Richard Carl/ Polarization of extragalactic radio sources at centimeter wavelengths, 1972.

Bois, Bernard/ A spectral analysis of the eclipsing binary V471 Tauri, 1984.

Bojetchko-Kowalsky, Petrusia/ An alternative formulation of the equation of transfer for LTE atmospheres, 1983.

Boshko, Olga/ A study of solar motion from observed motions of a thousand late type stars, 1956.

Braun, L. D./ Radio astronomy observations at a frequency of 35 GHZ, 1968.

Bruckner, Dietrich Werner/ HD 21699 : a spectroscopic study of a weak helium star, 1973.

Bunker, Andrew F./ The spectra of peculiar strontium stars, 1940.

Busch, Allan E./ Companions to SO galaxies : a morphological study, 1983.

Campbell, Bruce/ Application of the DDO reticon system to G and K star abundance studies and Nova Cygni 1975, 1976.

Campbell, Bruce T. E./ A spectral line identification study of some stars with helium anomalies, 1973.

Chai, Check-sen/ An investigation on the requency of supernovae, 1969.

Chambers, Robert H./ Cosmological models with long ages, 1968.

Chambers, Robert H./ Stellar models with differential rotation and meridional circulation, 1976.

Chow, Y. L./ Large nonuniformly spaced antenna arrays, 1965.

Clarke, J.N./ Calculations of planetary synchrotron radiation, 1969.

Clarke, T. R./ Observations of the partial solar eclipse of July 20, 1963 at 320 Mc/s, 1964.

Clarke, T. R. Jr./ Polarization measurements in the region of the north galactic spur at 707 MHz 1969, 1969.

Clarke, W. H./ The analysis by fourier methods of galactic radio emission, 1963.

Clayton, Jeffrey C./ Interstellar dust in the Large Magellanic Cloud, 1983.

Copeland, Judith Anne (Brooker)/ Spectroscopic studies of 60 Be stars, 1962.

Corbally, Christopher J., 1946-/ Southern close visual binaries: MK spectral classification and evolutionary status, 1983.

Coutts, C.M./ Period changes of RR Lyrae variables, 1967.

Coutts, Christine Mary/ Photometric investigations of the variable stars in the globular cluster NGC 6171, 1964.

Crabtree, Dennis Richard/ A model for the infrared continuum and NH3 absorption line spectrum of IRC + 10 216, 1982.

Crabtree, Dennis Richard/ A model for the infrared continuum and NH3 absorption line spectrum of IRC + 10 216, 1982.

Crampton, David/ The 72-inch focal length aerial reconnaissance camera as an astronomical photographic telescope, 1964.

Crampton, David/ B-emission stars and galactic rotation, 1967.

Creeper, Barbara R./ The spectral and luminosity classification of one thousand late type stars, 1954.

Crelinsten, Jeffrey M./ The polarization structure of 3c327 at 610 MHZ, 1971.

Crowe, Richard Alan, 1952-/ The spectra of Mira variable stars, 1984.

Davis, Lindsey Elspeth, 1953-/ A 21 cm study of a sample of interacting and isolated galaxies, 1981.

Demarque, Pierre/ The structure of subdwarf stars, 1959.

Demers, Serge/ Population II cepheids, 1966.

Deupree,Robert Gaston/ Non-radial stellar pulsation, 1974.

Dodd, W. W./ An investigation of the optical properties of Cassiopeia A, 1968.

Dubas, O. V./ Galactic rotation from radial velocities of OB stars near 1(11)=30(0), 1967.

Dubinski, John Joseph/ Cold dark matter halos, c1991.

DuPuy, David L./ An observational study of the RV Tauri stars, 1972.

Duric, Nebojsa, 1955-/ The distribution and origin of cosmic rays in spiral galaxies - a test study of the galaxy NGC 3310, 1984.

Dyer, Charles Chester/ Observational aspects of locally inhomogeneous cosmological models, 1973.

Evans, N. R./ Photometry of Mira stars, 1969.

Evans, Nancy Remage/ An observational search for overtone pulsations in cepheids, 1974.

Everson, Bjarne Lee/ Mass transfer in close binary systems, 1979.

Fahlman, Gregory G./ The structure and stability of rapidly rotating supermassive stars, 1969.

Faubert, Claude/ Total intensity distribution maps of the Quasar 3C 249.1 at 2695 and 8085 MHz, 1972.

Fieldus, Michael Stewart/ A line blanketed extended model atmosphere program, 1989.

Finstad, Karen./ Stromgren photometric relations and magnitude calibrations for supergiants and cepheids, 1982.

Fitzgerald, Maurice Pim/ The spectrographic orbits of several eclipsing systems, 1963.

Fletcher, John Murray/ An investigation of the spectro- graphic binary 47 Andromedae, 1964.

Fort, D. N./ An investigation of the radio emission from the Omega Nebula, 1969.

Fort, David Norman/ Radio astronomical studies of ionized gas in the galaxy, 1967.

Foster, Vivian E./ A spectral photometric study of Nova Lacertae 1936, 1937.

Frail, Dale A./ A study of the diffuse interstellar medium through neutral hydrogen absorption observations toward pulsars, 1989.

Frail, Dale A./ A study of the physical environment surrounding LSI+61303, 1985.

Fraquelli, Dorothy A./ A spectrophotometric survey of some bright RS Canum Venaticorum binaries /, 1981.

Fraquelli, Dorothy A./ The Wolf-Rayert binary HD 190918, 1976.

Freedman, Wendy/ Time evolution of galaxies undergoing stochastic self- propagating star formation, 1980.

Freedman, Wendy Laurel/ The young stellar content of nearby resolved galaxies, 1984.

Fullerton, A. W. (Alexander W.)/ The early type variable star V986 Ophiuchi, 1984.

Fullerton, Alexander William/ The incidence and nature of absorption line profile variations among the O stars, c1990.

Gauthier, Robert P./ The reddening of Polaris (alphaUMiA), 1978.

Gauthier, Robert Paul./ Spectroscopic studies of classical cepheids, 1983.

Gies, Douglas Russell/ The binary frequency of the OB runaway stars, c1985.

Gies, Douglas Russell/ The optical spectrum of HDE 226868 (Cygnus X-1), 1980.

Glendenning, Brian Ernest/ Calibration and population models of M82's nuclear sources, c1985.

Goodenough, D. G./ Three centimeter galactic radiation at 1(11)=26(o), 1967.

Goodenough, David G./ Six colour photometry of galactic clusters, 1969.

Gorza, Walter L./ The orbits of three eclipsing binary stars, 1970.

Gray, Richard O./ The A-type stars : refined classification, confrontation with Stromgren photometry and the effects of rotation, c1986.

Gray, Richard Orren/ An image tube system for astronomical photography and photometry, 1975.

Greig, William Elliott/ Spectrophotometry and spectroscopy of high velocity stars, 1962.

Grieve, Gerald R./ A spectroscopic and photometric analysis of the eclipsing binary DR Vulpeculae, 1978.

Grieve, Gerald R., 1952-/ UBVRI observations of Magellanic supergiants and cepheids, 1983.

Guetter, H. H./ Galactic studies through early type stars, 1963.

Guetter, H. H./ Galactic studies through early type stars, 1963.

Gulliver, Austin F./ A search for new peculiar A stars, 1971.

Gulliver, Austin F./ A study of shell stars, 1976.

Hagen, Gretchen L./ Evolved stars in open clusters, 1974.

Hallgren, E. L./ The evolution of medium mass stars 1966, 1966.

Halliday, Ian/ The variable spectrum of the star HD 218393, 1950.

Halliday, Ian/ A study of stellar luminosities from stellar spectra taken at the David Dunlap Observatory, 1954.

Hamilton, M. P./ The radio flux from the sun at 320 Mc/s, 1964.

Hanes, David Alan/ The luminosity distribution of globular clusters in Virgo galaxies, 1975.

Hardenbergh, Chalmers Morgan/ Infrared astronomy and its pursuit at David Dunlap Observatory, 1969.

Harper, John Francis/ The luminosity structure of the past null cone in inhomogeneous cosmologies, c1991.

Harris, William Edgar/ The luminosity distribution of the globular clusters in the local group, 1974.

Hartwick, F.D.A./ Stellar evolution with mass loss, 1966.

Hendry, Paul David/ Maximum entropy imaging of starspots on W UMa systems using VRI photometry: tests of the method and application to VW Cephei, c1991.

Henrty, R. C./ Spectrophotometry of globular clusters, 1962.

Herbst, William/ HD 209813 and similar CaII emission binaries., 1971.

Herbst, William/ Stars in southern nebulae, 1974.

Hickok, F. R./ The spectroscopic characteristics of Phi Persei, 1969.

Hill, Robert James/ The initial mass function for massive stars in the Magellanic Clouds, c1991.

Hogg, David Edward/ An investigation of the radio emission from an ionized hydrogen complex in Cassiopeia, 1962.

Holdsworth, David Wayne./ A study of optical fibers for astronomical instrumentation, 1986.

Holm, Sandra Elizabeth/ An investigation of the space motions of high velocity dwarfs, 1962.

Hossack, William R./ White dwarfs, and short period light variations, 1949.

Hossack, William Ross/ On the application of oscilloscopic micro-photometry to astronomical spectroscopy, 1953.      The department's first PhD.

Hube, D. P./ Radial velocities of 213 bright B8- and B9- type stars, 1965.

Hube, Douglas Peter/ The distribution and kinematics of the late B-type stars, 1968.

Hudon, James Daniel/ The cosmic evolution of the clustering of galaxies, c1995.

Innanen, K.A./ Models of the distribution of mass in the galactic system, 1964.

Ip, Peter Shun Sang/ Binary galaxies in clusters, c1994.

Ip, Peter Shun Sang, 1962-/ Multiple dynamic density perturbations and the anisotropy of the cosmic background radiation, 1987.

Irwin, Alan W./ Image tube photography : astronomical applications, 1971.

Irwin, Alan W./ An observational and theoretical study of MK classification criteria from G5 to K5, 1978.

Irwin, Judith Ann./ Radio lobe spiral galaxies : a case study of NGC 3079, c1988.

Jackson, P. D./ Observations of normal galaxies at centimeter wavelengths, 1968.

Jakate,Shyam/ A study of the eclipsing bianry SZ Psc, 1975.

Jakate,Shyam Manohar/ A search for new beta Cephei stars, 1978.

Kenny, W.M./Residual radial velocities and absolute magnitudes, 1930.

Kim, Kwang Tae./ A search for intracluster magnetic fields in galaxy clusters from the Abell catalogue, 1982.

Kim, Kwang Tae./ A radio continuum study of the Coma cluster of galaxies, c1988.

Kim, Sang-Hee/ On the evolution of the mass distribution of interstellar dust grains, c1995.

Kroeker, Teresa Lynn/ Galaxy masses from the timing argument, 1990.

Laing, R. Bruce/ Infra-red photography, 1935.

Lake, Kayll William/ Primordial inhomogeneities in analytically extended manifolds, 1976.

Lake, Robert George/ Some aspects of the relation of quasistellar objects to cosmology, 1970.

Landry, Sylvie/ Modelling large scale structure with a cheese slice universe, c1995.

Lane, Mary C./ A spectroscopic study of beta cephei stars, 1976.

Lane, Mary C., 1952- / A quantitative spectroscopic study of metallic-line stars, 1981.

Leir, Andrew A./ Basic observational properties of clusters of galaxies, 1976.

Leonard, Peter J.T./ Star counts in open clusters, 1985.

Leonard, Peter James Toivo./ The dynamics of open star clusters, c1988.

Li, Gang/ The interstellar medium and star formation in IRAS bright early-type galaxies: NGC 3032, NGC 3928, NGC 7465 and NGC 7625, c1994.

Lopez-Cruz, Omar/ A spectroscopic study of F supergiant stars with high galactic latitude, c1991.

Madore, Barry F./ UBV photoelectric photometry of galactic and extragalactic cepheids, 1974.

Madore, Barry F./ Star counts in galaxies-M33, 1971.

Madore, Katherine R./ On Stothers' and Simon's hypothesis for beta Cephei pulsation, 1971.

Marlborough, J. M./ A determination of the ultraviolet excesses in late-type dwarfs in the solar neighbourhood, 1963.

Marleau, Francine R./ Complete model and properties of a self-gravitating cosmic string and of the conical spacetime, c1995.

Maza, Jose/ Polarization of Seyfert galaxies and related objects, 1979.

McAlary, Christopher Walter, 1952-/ A near-infrared and optical study of x-ray selected Seyfert galaxies, 1981.

McClure, R. B./ The nature and mode of origin of seing effects in a large reflecting telescope stmtresp R. B. McClure, 1964.

McClure, Robert D./ Seven colour intermediate band photometry, 1967.

McGonegal, Richard John, 1952- The cepheid distance scale: a new application for infrared photometry, c1982.

McGonegal, Rick/ Photometry of planetary objects, 1976.

McNeill, J.D./ The calibration of Argon discharge tubes for use as seondary sources of radio-frequency noise in radio astronomy, 1961.

Mitchell, G. F./ The role of evolution in observational cosmology, 1967.

Moffat, A.F.J./ Five colour photmetry of variable stars in M31, 1966.

Morris, Stephen C. (Stephen Charles), 1936-/ A spectroscopic study of VW Cephei, 1960.

Morris, Stephen C. (Stephen Charles), 1936-/ A spectroscopic study of epsilon Aurigae., 1963.

Naylor, Mark Dennis Thomson/ The equilibrium structure of close binary stars, 1971.

Noreau, Louis./ A detailed study of the amorphous galaxy NGC 3448, c1985.

Norris, D.K./ An investigation on the identification and study of meteoric matter in atmospheric dust, 1949.

Northcott, Ruth J./ The calculation of the heights of meteors, 1935.

Oattes, Lee Michael, 1959-/ The luminosity function of standard candles in an inhomogeneous cosmological model, 1988.

Oke, J. Beverley/ A theoretical Hertzspring-Russell diagram for red dwarf stars, 1950.

Ortiz, Patricio F./ A CCD BVRI photometric study of star clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud, c1992.

Patterson, F. Shirley/ Stellar wave-lengths from spectrographs of small dispersion, 1936.

Pedreros Avendano, Mario H./ A new approach to zero- age main sequence fitting, 1984.

Pedreros-Avendano, Mario H./ Metric properties of the inner ring structures of galaxies, 1979.

Percy, J. R./ The nature of the Beta Cephei stars, 1968.

Pineault, Serge/ Geometrical optics in axially symmetric spacetimes, 1975.

Poole, L. M./ A study of the variable stars in the globular cluster M2, 1968.

Pritchet, Christopher J./ Stellar population synthesis in the nuclei of galaxies, 1975.

Prociuk, Ihor V./ Proper motion of faint stars in the field of M87, 1976.

Purton, C. R./ The absolute flux density of the radio sources Cygnus A and Cassiopeia A at 320 Mc/s, 1961.

Racine, Rene/ Five-color photometry of nebulous objects in the Andromeda nebula, 1965.

Racine, Rene/ Stars in reflection nebulae, 1967.

Rensing, Michael J./ The mass of AW Ursae Majoris, 1984.

Rice, J. B./ Systems for determining radial velocities with an all-reflection stellar spectrograph, 1966.

Richards, Mercedes Tharam./ Circumstellar material in the Algol system, c1986.

Richer, Michael G./ Neutral oxygen in planetary nebulae: a probe of radiative transfer, 1989.

Rodgers, R. F./ The frequency and characteristics of binary systems among bright-line B-type stars, 1952.

Roelent J. G. Hurkens/ The massive peculiar star HDE 235679, 1976.

Rogers, Christopher./ Radiative transfer in spherical geometry with an anisotropic phase function, 1981.

Rogers, G. Lars/ Binary freqency of OB stars with anomalous nitrogen and carbon absorption line strengths, 1974.

Ross, Hugh Norman/ Radio sources with low frequency outoffs, 1972.

Rouleau, Francois/ Shape and clustering effects on the extinction of light by amorphous carbon grains, (1992), c1993.

Rusk, Raymond E./ Brightness and polarization structure of compact radio sources, 1988.

Rusk, Raymond E./ Brightness and polarization structure of compact radio sources, 1988.

Sackman, I. J./ Spectrophotometric investigations, 1965.

Sackman, I. J./ The structure and evolution of rapidly rotating B-type stars, 1968.

Sasselov, Dimitar Dimitrov/ A study of the He I lambda 10830 line in the atmospheres of classical cepheids, c1990.

Schmidt, Fred H./ The variable star FO Virginis, 1984.

Seaquist, Ernest Raymond/ Linear polarization of the galactic background radiation at 707 MHz, 1966.

Shelton, Ian K./ The environs of galactic OB supergiants, c1996.

Shelton, Ian Keith/ UBVRI photometry of SN1987A: observations from the University of Toronto Southern Observatory in Chile, 1989.

Shemilt, Roslyn/ Reflection nebulae and associated stars: NGC 7129, 1974.

Sher, D./ Luminosity functions of galactic clusters, 1960.

Sherwood, W.A./ An optical study in five colours of the Cygnus X radio source, 1967.

Shore, Steven Neil/ A study of the helium peculiar stars of the upper main sequence, 1978.

Short, C. Ian/ An investigation of the circumstellar material around sigma Orionis E, 1990.

Short, Christopher Ian/ The structure of the outer atmosphere of cool stars, c1995.

Sigut, T. A. Aaron/ Infrared Rydberg transitions in B stars, c1995.

Sigut, Thomas Allan Aaron/ A non-LTE analysis of Mg II in B stars, c1991.

Simard-Normandin, Martine/ Rotation measures and the galactic magnetic field, 1979.

Smith, Chris/ A preliminary study of the binary system PKS 1925-524, 1977.

Stagg, Christopher Russell./ Short term variability in Be stars, 1986.

Stevenson, A. C./ An automatic control system for the control of an astronomical telescope, 1966.

Stilwell, Walter Harvey/ The orbit of the spectroscopic binary, H. D. 34762, (B9), 1936.

Straker, Robert William/ The luminosity function of HII regions in spiral galaxies, 1989.

Teillet, Philippe Martin/ Differential rotation and meridional circulation in stellar atmospheres, 1977.

Vallee, Jacques P./ A study of the linear polarization of radio galaxies and quasars, 1973.

Vicary, R. G./ A steerable, optimum spaced array of long Yagis, 1961.

Watt, V.E./ Photometric study of R. Coronae Borealis variable stars, 1967.

Welch, Douglas L./ JHK observations of classical cepheids and an improved calibration of the infrared period-luminosity relation, 1983.

Welch, Douglas Lindsay/ Studies of classical cepheids in the near infrared, 1985.

Wiegert, Paul. A./ The evolution of long-period comets, c1996.

Winzer, John Ernest, 1944- Toronto, Ont. University. Theses (Ph.D.)/ The photometric variability of the peculiar A stars., 1974.

Wrobel, Joan M./ An investigation of the radio properties of extended extragalactic radio sources, 1978.

Wrobel, Joan M. (Joan Marie), 1954-/ The radio continuum properties of bright E/SO galaxies which contain compact radio core sources, 1983.

Yip, Woon Ying/ The measurement of equivalent widths, 1966.

Zhan, Yin/ Gravitational clustering of galaxies: distribution of galaxy counts in cells, c1990.

Zubrod, Donna Jean/ A preliminary study of the H alpha emission in Algol, 1978.

Zukowski, Edwin L.H./ Observational analysis of the magneto-ionic plasma within and around extragalactic radio sources, c1990.

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