Gas Clouds Where They Should Not Be, and Other Recent Discoveries of the Green Bank Telescope

In this talk I’ll review some recent discoveries made with the Green Bank Radio Telescope in areas ranging from the structure of the Lunar surface, to astrochemistry, pulsar physics, rocks in Orion, and cosmology.


The special focus will be on current work on the evolution of galaxies that has led to the discovery of gas clouds in unexpected and puzzling locations.

Some of these clouds may be the remnants of past galaxy interactions, while others may mark the infall of new gas onto the Milky Way. One large cloud may well be a “failed” galaxy containing gas and dark matter but lacking stars. I’ll discuss the properties and possible origins of this material and its implication for the evolution of the Milky Way.

Cody Hall

Felix J. (Jay) Lockman (National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank)

December 09, 2014
14:00 - 15:00