SCI199Y Astronomy at the Frontier

Fall 2008 -- Winter 2009, Prof. Yanqin Wu



There will be a total of 11 assignments throughout the year. See Calendar for due dates. The new assignment is posted at the same time as the old one is due.


Assignments will be distributed, completed and graded on the MasteringAstronomy site. To register, you will need your student access number (purchased together with the textbook or seperately online), a class ID (given out in the first lecture) and a student ID (your 9 digit UofT student number, usually starts with '99'). Download the 'Powerpoint presentation for First Day of Class' here. It will lead you through the registration process step-by-step.

There will be an initial learning-curve to master the program. But once you've gone through that (the first assignment will be an introduction to the MasteringAstronomy system), you will benefit from the customized coaching and individualized feed-back which will, hopefully, improve your marks significantly.

Each assignment (except from the first one) carries 3% of the total credit. Late assignments will not be accepted (grade zero).