AST221-Stars & Planets (Fall 2016)


Welcome to AST221. 

Please check Readings for required and optional readings.

Please check Assignments for problem sets, due dates and solutions.

Please refer to the syllabus for course  description, the grading scheme, course exclusions, textbook and contact information.

Instructor: Prof. Yanqin Wu

TAs: Lisa Esteves, Shenglin Jing

Lecture: MWF 12-1pm, AB107;

Help sessions:  Wed. 5-6, AB114 (TBC)

Office hours: 

            Yanqin Wu:  Wed. 1-2, Room MP1210

            Lisa & Shenglin: Wed. 6-7pm AB114

Course Calendar (links to notes & assignments)

Jupiter down-under by Juno

(Astronomy Picture of the Day)

pre-exam office hours:

Wed. Dec. 14, 1-3PM, MP1210

Wed. Dec. 14, 5-7PM, AB114

Thurs. Dec. 15, 5-7PM, AB107